CSBA Annual Professional Development Congress

CSBA Congress is an annual professional development event that takes place in July. Approximately 400 school trustees or commissioners gather for Professional Development and to share best practices, compare experiences and learn new ways of better serving Canadian students.  In addition to the annual conference, the CSBA along with a host province, hosts the National Aboriginal Trustee Gathering.

CSBA Congress 2016

For everything you need to know about this upcoming Annual CSBA Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba,  “Courageous Leadership“, please visit  CSBA2016.ca.  The National Trustee Gathering on Aboriginal Education, “Reflections of our Future” will again take place this year just prior to the annual conference.  Information concerning this event is available as well at the same website

For the first time, CSBA will hold the welcoming reception in conjunction with CASSA, the Canadian Association of School System Administrators.

CSBA member provincial associations alternate as hosts for the Congress. CSBA 2015 will be in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

CSBA Annual Congresses were or will be hosted by the following Associations:

  • 2017 – British Columbia School Trustees Association (Whistler)
  • 2016 – Manitoba School Boards Association (Winnipeg)
  • 2015 – Saskatchewan School Boards Association (Saskatoon)
  • 2014 – Ontario Public School Boards Association (Niagara Falls)
  • 2013 – British Columbia School Trustees Association (Vancouver)
  • 2012 – Quebec English School Boards Association (Quebec City)
  • 2011 – Ontario Public School Boards Association (Ottawa)
  • 2010 – Newfoundland and Labrador School Boards Association (St. John’s)
  • 2009 – Nova Scotia School Boards Association
  • 2008 – Saskatchewan School Boards Association
  • 2007 – Alberta School Boards Association
  • 2006 – Québec English School Boards Association
  • 2005 – British Columbia School Trustees’ Association